The Humane Mousetrap

* Humane * Simple to Use
* Safe * Hygenic * Re-usable


And it works like a charm. Solve your mouse problem
the humane way with our easy-to-use Humane Mouse Trap.


SO SIMPLE TO USE. Catch mice and set them free.


Most mouse traps are vicious and rarely kill the poor mouse outright. The poor little creatures are usually just maimed and die a slow and agonising death. Poisons are just as hideous. Not only do they cause the mouse to die painfully and slowly, but they continue to poison other animals that feed on the dead/dying mouse.

Please don’t use these barbaric methods
- please use The Humane Mousetrap

Note: Prices are for postage within Australia. If you require international postage, please contact us and advise the quantity required and your location.

Simple and easy instructions

Put food source in the Humane Mouse Trap. Remove the endcap and place a small amount of peanut butter at the very edge of the Humane Mouse Trap. Make sure that it is only a small amount as the tunnel works on a balancing act and too much peanut butter will weigh down the tunnel in the trap position instead of in the access position. Replace the end cap and set the tunnel in the access position.

Step 1 - The mouse will smell food and make it’s way to the
Humane Mouse Trap.

Step 2 - As the mouse enters the Humane Mouse Trap and makes its way towards the peanut butter, the tunnel tilts and the door closes, securing your pesky little visitor inside.

Step 3 - Then all you have to do is pick up your Humane Mouse Trap (complete with mouse) and take it for a walk/drive to set it free.

Tips & tricks

Place the Humane Mouse Trap in locations where there is evidence of the pesky little mouse’s presence (mouse dropping). Good locations are behind the the fridge or inside a cupboard. Mice love tunnels, so the Humane Mouse Trap is interesting for them. If possible, the Humane Mouse Trap should be lengthwise along a wall as mice usually make their way around by running alongside walls.

Note: The Humane Mouse Trap works on a fine balancing act, so If you are locating it on a very smooth surface, (inside a cupboard etc) it may be an idea to place it on a thin piece of rubber matting (found in the $2 stores), or a piece of paper towel dampened with water.


In the unlikely event that you don’t catch your mouse on the first night, move your Humane Mouse Trap to a different location.


Mice venture out mainly at night and eat around dusk or dawn, so if you set the mouse trap early in the evening, you will probably catch the little devil before going to bed. If you won’t be able to release the mouse until the morning, set the mouse trap late at night, so that you can release it early in the morning as they can die, if left in the Humane Mouse Trap for too long. Release the mouse outside (at least 500m away) as soon as possible.

Note: There is a circular recess in the flap that can be punched out to let in additional air, however, we don’t recommend this. Mice have very sharp teeth and punching out this hole gives them a great starting point to gnaw their way to freedom.