This is what some of our customers say about our Humane Mouse Trap.


Hi there, I bought 2 mouse traps from you just over a week ago. I really can't thank you enough!!! They are fantastic and I have caught 20 mice so far, and still getting them daily. I just love that sound of the door closing/clicking when I am sitting watching tv at night!!! I think I might need a few more so then I can take lots on the little drive down the road every morning. And I want to move onto the shed next.

Obviously we have a real problem and it's probably because we live on land with lots of livestock feed in the shed - think they are over the pellets and found a way inside where the yummier treats are (particularly fond of crisps, pikelets, muffins and pasta).

And this all happened just after my 21yr old cat died (even though he was too old to catch mice, I think he kept them out of the house). Anyway, I was beside myself with not wanting to use conventional traps or poison and was running around with a net trying to catch them!

And once they found the pantry, oh my god...so tired of cleaning it out and putting everything in the fridge and seal tight containers. When my husband and kids took a mouse to the usual dropping off place, one of the others ran under the car and my daughter was thrilled to see that "one of her mice" was doing ok in the pasture!

Thanks so much again!! I didn't think the traps would work so quickly and effectively and you have really solved my problem. Think we would have moved otherwise, or been forced to use another method, which I would have been very upset about..... Can't thank you enough, and will tell absolutely everyone I know about your traps!!!

Debbie - Wagga


I just can't thank you enough. My little girl was so distraught when our cat brought a baby mouse into the house. The mouse got away and my daughter was so worried that the cat would find the mouse and eat it. We set the humane mouse trap just before it got dark and within half an hour we heard the mouse trap tip up. We had caught the mouse and my little girl was so happy. We took a drive down to the reserve down the road and set the mouse free. We have the mouse trap stored in the laundry, but hope we won't need to use it again - my daughter gave the cat a serious talking to - so perhaps we will be lucky. If not, at least we know that we have your brilliant mouse trap. Again - many thanks from both of us.

Greg, Armadale


So cool! I caught my mouse the same day I got the trap in the mail. This is simply the best trap ever. I took the little blighter for a walk and dumped his cute little but out. I have M.E. so setting snappy traps is not something I can do anymore. Fabulous! Will be telling all my friends.

Kath, Wagga


We purchased the Humane mouse trap 2 weeks ago, we caught 7 mice in 4 days, the first within 30 minutes.- We have not noticed any more droppings anywhere! What a fantastic product!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Papadakis


Excellent item, works great - got 5 mice in 24 hours, Highly Recomended.

S.M. Mt Annan NSW


Great item!! Very pleased. Tried two other traps which failed and this one worked.

C.S. Coorparoo Queensland


Great product, caught mouse in 30 min, thanks heaps!

C.D. Heidelberg Victoria


Humane mouse trap worked! Very happy thank you.

G.H. Geelong Victoria


Works exactly how described. No problems what so ever.

D.C. Charleville Queensland


Fantastic mice traps... truly work & totally reuseable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

G.C. Chinchilla Queensland


This is a GREAT product! Caught my pesky mouse with in 1 hour!!!

J.L. Manly NSW